That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Manga

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Synopsis of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Manga

It is just another ordinary day for Satoru Mikami. The sun is shining brightly on the streets of Tokyo, and he is in the midst of a discussion with his colleagues when suddenly he gets stabbed by a passing robber. The average 37-year-old corporate worker is now at death’s door, and he has only one regret—dying a virgin. Fading out, he is startled by a mysterious AI-like voice reciting commands.

Satoru abruptly wakes up in the middle of a strange cave, but something odd has happened: he is now a goop of slime! Thanks to his new body, he has acquired the skill to absorb anything and obtain its appearance and abilities. While testing out his newfound powers and exploring the cave, he stumbles upon a massive dragon named Veldora, who has been sealed away for the past three hundred years. After quickly befriending the beast, Satoru decides to help him escape; in exchange, Satoru is bestowed a new name: “Rimuru Tempest.”

Wishing to avoid a life like his boring and mundane past, Rimuru is about to set out on a grand quest that will change his destiny and the fate of his new world.

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Manga Review

– Reborn to another world.. checked
– OP/cheat starter skill.. checked
– a cool-looking protagonist. Hell noBack then when I first read this manga, I think of this as a weird, unusual way to tell another world story. I mean it’s fuckin slime, we talk about here. It started funny, but after a few chapters, I grew fond of that slime. Sure, the main character has OP skill right from the start, but he doesn’t act all high and mighty, neither trying to look cool or abusing his power. So, instead of getting sick of it, I started to like the slime.The story itself started adventure-like when the world was introduced to us. There are a lot of races of monsters he meets, as well as humans. What makes this interesting is, how he is underestimated greatly at first but he keeps proving them wrong. I really like that kind of character development. He ventures, learns, makes allies, and utilizes his ability to the fullest. The plot thickens at some point, the real danger coming and then he is forced to make decisions and take responsibility.

Some of us, including me might think that the main character will stay strongest forever. But that’s not the case at all. Soon the slime would realize that he can’t rely on his skill only and use his own wit to solve the problems at hand. We could say, the operator is more important than the ability itself.

This manga is still ongoing (chapter 35 when I wrote this review), and I can tell that there are a lot more stories to tell. Greatly recommended.

Reviewer’s Rating: 9